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Models: TW, TN, LW, LN, T Xtra, L Xtra

As pioneers of the mechanical parking lift industry in North America, Harding Steel developed the Car-Lift which has become the benchmark design in the parking lift industry. Since 1968, this popular Harding Steel product has proven to be the most versatile and reliable system in the mechanical parking industry.

The Harding Steel

Car-Lift for garages

is a workhorse in both commercial and private, residential settings - ideal for the automotive enthusiast's dream garage. Car Lift is premium choice in settings where ceiling clearances are limited and vehicle heights are restricted. The Car-Lift is the only machine of its type manufactured out of 100% galvanized steel, featuring dual hydraulic lifting cylinders, steel-on-steel locks.


• 100% hot-dipped, galvanized steel construction
• 6,000 pound lifting capacity
• Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders
• Cantilevered design with lateral torsion bar for platform evenness
• No chains or cables
• Individual or group power pack configurations (for commercial or residential applications)
• Available in Tall or Low, Narrow and Wide models
• Accommodates all cars and smaller SUVs on the lower (grade) level
• Accommodates larger SUVs and minivans on the upper level (ceiling heights permitting)
• Available in both residential 110V and commercial 220V power options


• Steel-on-steel locks that ensure safety and relieve hydraulic pressure in the raised position
• Manually operated lock release
• Hydraulic safety valves (velocity fuses)
• Manual override for lowering vehicle (commercial configurations only)
• Key operator user controls with positive pressure up/down buttons


• One year electrical
• Two year mechanical
• Five year structural