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Underground parking liftThe Original Subterranean Parking Lift
and Vehicle Transport Systems

The World's Premium Custom Subterranean Parking Lift Systems for Discriminating Projects

Models: ST-2, ST-3, VTS-1, VTS-2

CARPARX© ST-2 and ST-2C:

The Harding Steel ST-2 subterranean parking lift system is the original dual scissors

inground hydraulic parking


Underground Parking lift system

for luxury residential and multi-family projects. The ST-2 has set the world-wide standard for safe underground storage of cars, SUVs, and specialty vehicles. The unique interlocked dual scissors and powerful hydraulic system provides smooth, safe, and quiet operation. The ST-2C is also suitable for outdoor applications.


The VTS-2 Vehicle Transport System features a patented design for the transport of vehicles between levels of homes and automotive showrooms. The VTS-2 provides a unique upper platform that closes the grade-level opening while the lower platform of the machine transports cars to a lower level motorcourt or parkade. In its down position, the VT-2 still provides a full-size parking space at grade level.All Harding Steel CARPARX® systems can be customized to fit the exacting needs of each and every project.

CARPARX© ST-3 and ST-3C:

Harding Steel's unique ST-3 subterranean parking lift system and In ground Parking allows two conventional vehicles to be parked in secure below-grade parking locations while allowing a third vehicle to be parked on the surface space above the machine. The ST3 features a large, single-acting scissors lift assembly powered by four hydraulic RAM cylinders.


The Harding Steel VTS-1 (Vehicle Transport System) is a first-of-its-kind hydraulic Underground Parking lift system designed for transporting vehicles from street level to subterranean parking areas below grade. Expressly designed for private residences and automobile showrooms, this machine is ideally suited for applications where valuable vehicles need to be safely transported to underground motorcourts or parkades for storage or display. The VTS-1 is a safe, versatile machine that can be customized to fit the most exacting applications.

All CARPARX® subterranean systems, Underground parking lift, In ground parking lift, Harding Steel CARPARX® subterranean parking lifts are manufactured in North America.