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Hydraulic Lift AutomotiveCARPARX© ST-3, ST-3C Parking Lift Systems

Models: ST-3, ST3-C

Harding Steel's unique CARPARX© ST-3 subterranean parking system allows two conventional vehicles to be parked in secure, below-grade parking locations while allowing a third vehicle to be parked on the surface space above the machine. The ST3 features a large, single-acting scissors lift assembly powered by four hydraulic RAM cylinders.

The CARPARX ST-3 system is designed to be compatible with the needs of multi-family dwellings where it is not possible to provide valet parking service. The design allows for up to three separate households to independently park and retrieve their own vehicle from the system without moving any other vehicle. Design features include flat, oversized vehicle platforms that are easy to park on. There are no trip hazards and the systems are perfectly flush to the garage floor surface. All lifting devices, structural members, and hydraulic components are completely below ground and out of the way. There are no gaps around the edges of the pit, and when the lifts are in the down position, the garage has a perfectly flat, solid, trip-free surface.

The ST-3 requires a below grade pit structure that is built to Harding Steel's specifications. Adequate pit depth and ceiling clearance is necessary for these systems. The ST-3C model is configured for outdoor application and is custom fabricated for site-specific needs. All Harding Steel inground parking systems are built-to-order and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each application.

Harding Steel also specializes in

Scissors Parking Lift For Cars


Custom Auto Lifts

. You can count on us for all your Car Lift requirements.

  • 100% premium steel construction
  • Commercial grade design and materials
  • Single, high-capacity scissors architecture for unsurpassed stability
  • Four high capacity cylinders with our

    Hydraulic Lift Automotive

  • Self-standing, self-supporting unit
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
  • 220V high flow hydraulic power pack and controls (some applications will require 3-phase power)
  • Oversized all diamond-plate steel platforms
  • Accommodates conventional sedans on lower levels, and SUVs on the grade-level space.
  • Quality enamel paint finish throughout
  • Platforms are free of all trip hazards, pit gaps, or protruding columns
  • Key-operated control switch for security and safety
  • Hydraulic velocity fuses on all cylinders
  • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key-switch
  • Wiring block for integrating safety interlock devices
  • Front railing protects garage walls and bumpers
  • Optional sensor and interlock kit available
Design and Technical Support:

Harding Steel provides complete design support for architects, builders, and construction professionals on all aspects of pit construction and facility design. Harding Steel also provides complete delivery, installation, and commissioning services throughout North America.