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Car Park StorageCARPARX© VTS-1

The Harding Steel VTS-1 (Vehicle Transport System) is a first-of-its-kind hydraulic lift system designed for transporting vehicles from street level to subterranean parking areas below grade. Expressly designed for private residences and automobile showrooms, this machine is ideally suited for applications where valuable vehicles need to be safely transported to underground motorcourts or parkades for storage or display. The VTS-1 is a safe, versatile machine that can be customized to fit the most exacting applications.

CARPARX© VTS-1 is an attractive, cost effective way to move vehicles from one level to another. While not designed for commercial "vehicle elevator" applications or for large multi-family dwellings, it is extremely effective for low-volume vehicle transport applications in private home, estates, boutique hotels, or small multi-family dwellings. Floor-to-floor transport distances normally vary from 9' to 12'. The VTS system is strictly an unmanned system and is not intended for transporting people or for transporting vehicles with passengers aboard.

Designed and built in North America, the Harding Steel CARPAR X© VTS-1 can be customized to meet the exacting demands of our client's projects. Length of platforms, width of platforms, and vertical rise dimensions can be custom configured. Each VTS-1 system is build-to-order and installed by Harding Steel at each client location.

  • Premium Car Park Storage

  • 100% premium steel construction
  • Commercial grade design and materials
  • Single, high-capacity scissors architecture for unsurpassed stability
  • Four high capacity hydraulic cylinders
  • Self-standing, self-supporting unit
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
  • 220V high flow hydraulic power pack and controls
  • Oversized all diamond-plate steel platform
  • Transport vehicles weighing up to 7500 pounds
  • Quality enamel paint finish throughout
  • Mechanical locking system for the upper position
  • Platform is free of all trip hazards, pit gaps, or protruding columns
  • Key-operated control switches for security and safety
  • Hydraulic velocity fuses on all cylinders
  • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key-switch
  • Wiring block for integrating safety interlock devices
  • Optional sensor and interlock kits available
  • Seismic certified in the Sate of California
  • Transport systems must be properly enclosed and/or gated for safe operation.
Design and Technical Support:

Design and Technical Support: Harding Steel provides complete design support for architects, builders, and construction professionals on all aspects of pit construction and facility design for all VTS systems. Harding Steel also provides complete delivery, installation, and commissioning services throughout North America.