Harding Steel

Harding Steel's Denver-based entrepreneurial roots date back to 1948, with Wayne Harding, who remains Co-Chairman of Harding Steel today. Mr. Harding founded Harding Glass Industries which flourished throughout the Midwest before being sold to Sunoco. As well as being a commercial and residential glass and glazing provider, Harding Glass began designing and fabricating metal coverings for old storefronts, which became a multi-million dollar company with more than 60 operational centers in numerous states. Harding's work with metals and glass led to a relationship between Wayne Harding and Robert Lichti, the inventor of Vert-A-Park, a "Ferris-wheel" automated parking systems. Shortly thereafter Harding established a similar affiliation with Ed Greer, inventor of the DuoPark, and Herbst Brothers, designers of Park Master (PARKING, May / June 1992). With these business affiliations the Mechanical Parking Lift Industry in America was born. To this day, there are DuoPark lifts operating in parking lots, private homes and commercial buildings across the Untied States and around the world.

Currently, Harding Steel offers 14 different models of above ground, subterranean, and semi-automated parking systems to real estate developers, auto dealers, property managers, home builders, and owners of private residences. We have installed our commercial systems throughout the U.S. and Canada for some of the largest real estate developers and construction firms. Parking operators in major cities and airports use our lifts daily in their space-challenged commercial parking facilities, while our above ground and subterranean parking systems have been installed in many of the most distinctive luxury homes in America.

Harding Steel exports from our production facilities in North America and Asia to our customers in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.